Thursday, November 23, 2017

Playing with Infusions by PaperArtsy

Welcome to Thursday with Topflight Stamps, Karen Bearse here today. I love Turkey Day & I hope you get to spend the day with quality, fun, family time. First up we have our awesome Black Friday sale!! 25% off all stamps so get em while they are available!!

Now for the art! I had a lot of fun playing with Infusions for the 1st time. Here is the description of this product directly from the maker, PaperArtsy. 

"Infusions are a 2 part dye stain. The mix of walnut crystals and dye colour are variable sized particles that dissolve at different rates. The colour particles are so fine and powdery that as soon as water touches them you instantly see bright colour. The walnut takes longer to absorb the water as it is more like a caster-sugar granule."

 I will be playing more with these powders in the coming weeks but for today I just made a quick tag. I used Mermaid Fresco Finish paint, with a stencil for a background, on a cream colored tag. Then some Infusions in Lemoncello & Emerald Isle. Spritz with water and let the colors run. Adding more water & moving the product with a paint brush brings out the walnut color, nice & grungy. 

I played with 2 PaperArtsy stamp sets. The first was the focal image the tree, from the set Zinski Art 18. The bright fall colors are from MarvyUchida's Le Plumme II markers. I cut the star off the top of the tree, placing it at the bottom of the tag & it looks like a leaf. 

The 2nd set is by Seth Apter. I used the bottom stamp as the  background image. I love using this for backgrounds, type words just add the perfect touch! Thanks so much for joining me, Happy Thanksgiving again to our U.S. customers! I hope you get a chance to play today. For more inspiration my blog is


  1. Tremendously Terrific!!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you so much Kirsty, I hope you had a lovely holiday also.


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