Saturday, January 6, 2018

Heart Tags with PaperArtsy

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It's Donna today. I was watching a Periscope this week by Jenny Barnett-Rohrs aka Craft Test Dummies. She has a One Little Tag Challenge - you can find it on Facebook. She challenges you to make one little tag a day. I readily admit that will not happen with me, but I do have a ton of tags that I used to wipe up paint and inks from previous projects. So, I can try to make one a week. I started out like gangbusters and made the three this week. The theme for this week is Doodling. The one on the left doesn't have doodling I just liked it how it was. 

These tags were so easy. I only used my mop up tags and one stamp set from PaperArtsy. I stamped using Versamark Black Ink and I doodled with a Black Faber Castell Pitt Pen and white Stabilo and Edding pens. I used the Emma Godfrey #13 stamp set on these. It's one of my all time favorite stamp sets and so perfect for love and Valentine's Day projects. 

Emma Godfrey 13

This tag had this cool background that I thought would make a great 
Valentine's Day, Love type of tag. I masked the smaller heart and stamped it 3 times, 
then stamped the sentiment and added some doodles. Very fun and easy to create. 

I didn't take a picture of the this tag before I finished it, but it was a great dark purple background. I used several stamps from the set on the background and outlined the images with a white pen. I wrote the word LOVE by hand. I also doodled the edges. 

 I used two tags for this one. One of the tags was missing a side, it didn't fit in the tag die, but I thought it was really cool, so I ended up stamping on it and cutting out the hearts and using the second tag with a more subtle background for the hearts and sentiment. 


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