Thursday, December 26, 2019

Sonnet XVIII Valentine Banner


It’s not too early to start thinking about creating come lovelies for Valentines.  My favorite decorating seasons next to Christmas, is Valentines flowing into Easter: the seasons of Spring, renewal and pastels.  This is also the time we can take long cleansing breaths before the heat moves in and you feel thick just by walking out the door.  

This fast and easy project is perfect for a little banner hung on a vintage wooden hanger.  It’s simple lines and soft palette are sure to fit in just about any setting. But, it could also be used for a card to a special loved one.  You can extend the message under the heart clap to any sentiment you want.

As you may have surmised, I love stencils.  Just about any kind of stencil because there are so many opportunities to make the designs uniquely yours. So for this project, I chose one that I have coveted on the Topflight Stamp site for a very long time.  Make sure you pick me that you have really loved or purchase one you’ve wanted forever so as to make this project all about LOVE.  

-  NOTE:  You can always change out anything on the Supplies list to. That which would make you the happiest :). 
-  9 s 7” Hot pressed watercolor paper
-  6 1/2 x 4 1/2” lightweight (soft) cold pressed watercolor paper
-  3 - 5 Prism inkpads in happy colors
-  Makeup sponges or ink blenders
-  Heat tool or hair dryer
-  GeeSo Good Gesso white
-  Brayer
-  Black and White Posca Paint Pens
-  Chipboard letters: L O V E or small sentiment of choice
-  Versafine black ink pad
-  Any type of coloring markers in bright, coordinating colors
-  Double sided tape
-  Optional:  
   -  Embellishment text snippet
     -  I used a sonnet heading from a poetry book
   -  Small piece if washi tape or similar
   -  Eyelets
   -  Coordinating silk ribbon

-  JOFY Stencil PSO85

-  Sentiment stamps of choice

-  Apply inks to the entire 9 x 7” watercolor panel blending and creating new colors as you go

-  Note:  If using water reactive ink, dry thoroughly. 
-  Drop gesso in various areas and Brayer over inks.  Continue adding gesso and brayering until you’re happy with the coverage. 
   -  Tip:  Leave a few more raw areas to create interest

-  After panel has dries,  set your stencil in the upper left corner (or your preference) and choose a light colored ink to sponge through the openings. 
-  Using the same color ink as your stencil, stamp your chosen image at the bottom of the panel.  
-  Fold the top of the cold pressed watercolor panel a little less than a 1/3 backward making a good crease, then, reopen. 
-  Stamp the heart image on the bottom 2/3 of the panel with black waterproof ink. 
-  Color with markers as desired. To give the highlighted area on the banner and anywhere else you feel appropriate, use a damp brush to pick up some of the color. 
   -  Tip:  I strengthened some of the black stamp line with a fine tip black paint pen. I, also, added white dots with a paint pen to pull the background and  image together. 

-  Stamp a sentiment in the banner area with black ink.

-  On the inside fold stamp another sentiment on the right side with black ink, then, add some small embellishment such as washi tape to the left side for balance.
-  Affix double sided tape to the backside of the folded back panel. Adhere approximately 2 1/4” down and slightly to the right as shown or as desired. 
-  Use a bright, coordinated marker to outline the sides of the chipboard letters, then, affix in a pleasing display under the stamped heart. 
-  Optional:
   -  Attach a title in over and in line with the left side of the stamped panel. 
   -  Insert eyelets on either side of large panel, then, thread with coordinating silk or ribbon of your choice. 

This is my last post as guest designer for Topflight Stamps and I would like to take this time to thank Donna and Lisa for this amazing opportunity to share some of my project ideas with all of you. And, of course, to all of you stamp lovers out there who have visited this creative blog a very special Thank You for looking in and sharing in these projects. Here’s to hope that we can connect again. Until then...Cher

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