Thursday, December 12, 2019

Celebrate 2020 Journal Page


Happy Thursday all. I thought that I would offer a bright and whimsical salute to the upcoming new year for you. A chance to start a new journal or close out this year’s journal with bright colors and characters that always make me smile; not to mention that they fly!  This process I will be showing you today allows you to keep your stamped images clean and white while you add your gel print over the top.  This opened up a whole new door of possibilities for me and, I hope, for you, too.  If my explanation and pictures still have you confused, there is a video out by Marsha Volk that you can watch.  She used inks, but we will be using my own take with acrylics as this is my preferred printing medium, however, the process is basically the same.

So get your happy colors and lets have some fun gel printing. 

-  9 x 12” Watercolor (or choice) journal page
-  8 x 10” gel plate
-  Super Sticky Post-It paper or other to use as mask
-  6 x 6” scrap paper
-  Brayer 
-  Heavy Body Acrylics (or color medium of choice). Following are the colors that I used, but feel free to choose whatever colors suit your needs:
    -  White and/or Bleed Proof White
    -  Black
    -  Pthalo Green
    -  Cadmium Yellow Medium
    -  Cadmium Yellow Light
    -  Lemon Yellow
-  Black, White and Yelling Posca Pens
-  Versafine Black ink pad
-  Ink or watercolor markers in shades of pink (rose and carmine) and flesh tones
-  Pentel  (or other) gold Slicci pen
-  Gold glitter glue
-  Teal watercolor pencil

-  Carabelle Gelli Plate Texture - Kate Crane Street Life
-  Small sentiment stamps of choice
-  Embellishment stamps of choice
-  Alphabet stamps

-  Decorative stencil of choice

-  Stamp characters in desired position on journal page
-  Stamp characters, again, onto sticky paper or masking paper of choice and cut out.  
    Tip:  Cut characters just within outlines to avoid halo effect when printing
-  Position cut outs over stamped images on journal page

-  Position 6 x 6” square where you desire to place the houses from printing plate
-  Position the gel plate over the journal page. 
-  Mark a bottom line with a coordinating watercolor pencil where your gel plate ends. When you print, the moisture from the gel plate paints will activate the watercolor pencil and the line will dissolve. 

-  Brayer your three color choices onto the gel plate working from darkest to lightest to create an ombre effect
  - Tip:  I used a drop of acrylic extender on each glob of paint to keep the paint moist for a longer period of time, then, brayered. 
-  Position gel plate over the 6 x 6” scrap (you should still be able to see it through the paint, if not, your paint is too thick on the plate. Just run your Brayer over it again to thin out). Gently lower the plate onto the plate and gently smooth your hand over the back, then, lift straight up.  
-  Position your decorative stencil at the top of the plate as close to the print as desired. Press to make impression. 
-  Gently remove the journal page from underneath the plate, remove scrap and print directly from the gel plate onto the page. 
-  Peel masks from stamped characters and color as desired. 
- I wanted a 3D effect on my page, so stamped another image, colored and affixed to the bottom image with foam tape..

- Reposition the decorative stencil so it lines up with the printed image, then, sponge through with your lightest color choice blending into the printed area. 
-  Position the JOFY stencil (a dandelion that will now be a fireworks burst) at the top of the page and sponge black acrylic paint through openings. 
-  Outline ‘starbursts’ with gold ink pen, then, add glitter glue to the centers of each star. 
-  Stamp Celebrate 2020 on top of line, add sentiment with decorative stamp embellishment below. 
-  Stamp or write sentiments onto doors of printed houses. Add any other embellishments around as desired. 
-  Paint border with black acrylic paint. 
-  Once more, reposition decorative stencil at top aligning with printed images, then, using a white Posca pen or white acrylic paint or Bleed Proof White fill in open areas. 
-  Stencil the bottom corners in the same manner as above.

I hope this fun journal page will help you herald in the new year on a positive and happy note.  Next week I’ll be demonstrating how to create a journal cover so if you're game, you can try your hand at making your own journal for the coming year.  Happiest to you so till next time....Cher

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