Thursday, January 7, 2021

For the Birds

Hi Everyone,

Cornelia here today! 
It's anything goes as the theme for this week.

You have perhaps seen my bottle series. First I thought I am done after 4 cards, but everyone seems to like them. Besides I got some spice jars and a bird feeder as Christmas present from a good friend of mine, so I needed a thank you card. Basically killing three birds with one stone, so to speak....(although the only thing I manage to kill is mosquitos and mice in my house....)

This card is quite simple, but it took me a while to get the layout right. I wanted more bottles but it became too busy. Should have used a bigger card format for that, but I wanted to stick with what I usually do. So eventually I scaled it down to one bottle only and two birds. Did some masking and colored with watercolors and markers. For my stamp supplies see below.

Furthermore this card is going into the Day of the Month Card Club, which has National Bird Day as it's theme. Perhaps you want to play along! 
 See you next week with more Topflight Stamps inspiration.

Here are the stamp supplies I used:
Use code FUNSTAMPING to get 12% discount at Topflight Stamps.

Katzelkraft Birds- KTZ151, cool glass bottles from Darkroom Door


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  1. I love the cute birds and the glass bottles. The bottles would be great on a beach scene half buried in the sand. [Bunny]


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