Monday, February 27, 2023

Happiness is a choice

 Hello everyone Mel Pilling  here today with an art journal page using KATZELKRAFT STAMPS and LAVINIA STAMPS . Both great company’s for those of us who love to create scenes.

I started this project by painting the background with a brush using ELEMENTS INK   I stamped my pads onto my crafting surface and added a little water.  I then used the different inks as a pallet to mix together to create various colours..  For the lake, I used combinations of.   Midnight blue  , Blue Atoll , Blue Lagoon , Mermaid and  Bermuda. The water was done by painting with sideways sweeping motions using the edge of a flat brush.   I used Washi tape above the water to keep the horizon straight.  I added the highlights on the water with white acrylic paint later on, once the project was dry.

The sky was done with Della blue and Violet chalk using a wet on wet watercolour technique.  Dampen your paper then just float damp colour into it with elements inks. Allow to dry.

I did the mountains with a hill mask and a Lavinia stencil brush using midnight blue, violet chalk and Mulberry.  I used Washi tape beneath the mountains for a straight horizon.

The grass was stencilled on, and then I went over it with a paintbrush and my green pallet. For this pallet, I used PineLime punchGreensleeves, and Olive.  I used the side of the flat brush again to flick some grass at the top of the hills.

The trees were hand drawn on clean mixed media card, painted with watercolour markers and elements ink Truffle.  They were fussy cut and glued on. I dabbed damp inks on for leaves using the grass palette and a paint brush.

Katzelkraft character, the main star of the page, was stamped on clean card stock painted with the truffle and some watercolour markers, cut out and stuck on. I then drew the swing around him.

 I stamped the rest of the beautiful Lavinia characters directly on the project using Versafine Claire inks in Nocturne.  The owl was done in Versafine Claire ink Fallen Leaves. Then finally, I shadowed all the characters and highlighted the bodies with a white pen.



Thank you for joining me today I hope you give it a try have fun 

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