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Simplify a Mixed Media Card with Crafty Individuals


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Colleen from Irishrosecreations here this week sharing tips to create an easy mixed media card! 

Mixed media is all the rage these days! Mixed media uses a lot of elements to achieve that unique look. I used to be intimidated by mixed media cards because the videos I watched were quite detailed. Well, it doesn't have to be that detailed or that difficult to be beautiful! Today I'll share a few tips to create an easy mixed media card that looks detailed and will delight your followers! 

First suggestion is to choose stamps that have a mixed media vibe, so you don't "have to grab 20 stamps to achieve that same look only to be disappointed because it doesn't look cohesive or it's too crowded, so you have to throw it away and start again". Ok, deep breath! Let the stamp do the work for you! Topflight has TONS of mixed media stamps ready to be loved! Here I've used Counting Down background stamp by Crafty Individuals. This background stamp is PERFECT for a mixed media background! It's so detailed and fun!

Next, create a colorful background for your mixed media stamp to rest on that looks textured and distressed. A distressed looking background adds another level of detail.  Ink schmooshing is a great alternative to ink blending. Ink blending gives a smooth result. Ink schmooshing gives a more textured and distressed look and can be done with any inks you have in your stash.  To ink schmoosh, swipe your ink of choice onto a glass media matt or media surface, spray with water, spray your card panel with a little water, and then place it onto the ink and slighly move the card panel around. Repeat the process until you get the look and coverage you desire. You can use more than one ink with this technique as well! And don't forget to add a few ink splatters for extra detail! 

If you look closely at the photo below, you can see the textured look from ink schmooshing! I used Violet chalk ink by Lavinia. The ink coverage is uneven, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve! An alternative to ink schmooshing would be to ink blend your card panel and then apply water spots over the ink and pull up the ink color with a paper towel. Then add ink splatters over it. 

Once my ink schmooshing was done, I stamped the Counting Down image in black ink over the colored card panel. 

Next suggestion is to rough up the edges of your card panel. I trimmed it with my deckled paper trimmer. If you don't have a deckled paper trimmer or die cut, you can carefully tear the paper on all sides to create that uneven look.  This is yet another level of detail that is classic mixed media and very easy to do! Once I trimmed the paper, I added Cosmic Shimmer Gilded Wax in gold around 2 edges of the card panel. You could also ink blend around the edges to "frame" the card panel and enhance the rough edges of it. 

The next step is to add your focal point and make it interesting! I like to stamp my focal point on a colored card panel or patterned paper to add another level of detail and interest. Here I've stamped 3 butterflies onto a colored card panel that I had set aside for a rainy-day using Butterflies and Bees stamp by Crafty Individuals. Then I fussy cut each butterfly and adhered them to the card panel popped up on foam tape. I added gold drops and white pen to each butterfly for even more detail as well as a touch of Cosmic Shimmer Gilded Wax. I wanted to use a sentiment that had gold in it to bring out the gold in the card panel and butterflies, so I grabbed 3 sentiments that I had in my stash and placed them next to each butterfly. 

My final suggestion is to add shading around the focal points to help them pop from a busy background. I used a black Stabilo pencil that reacts to water for my shading, but any dark colored pencil would have a similar effect. You can see the shading in the photo below. 

To summarize, to create an easy mixed media card, use stamps that have a mixed media vibe already done for you, build layers that are cohesive (keep your color palette to no more than 2-3 colors), stamp design elements over an interesting background you've created or use patterned paper, tear the edges of a card panel for added interest and ink up the edges. Finally, add details to your focal point and shade around them to add depth and help them pop from a busy background.  Each one of these tips is so easy to do! 

I hope these tips and tricks help you to create a fun and playful mixed media card!!! Thanks for stopping by! 

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