Sunday, August 21, 2022

Lavinia Stamps Hedgehogs Card Tutorials

Hi friends!  It's Autumn Clark from SewPaperPaint with you today to share some hedgehog fun!  I fell in love with these darling critters and could hardly stop making cards with these wonderful stamps.  I shared this stencil layering technique in depth in my post HERE, so please hop over if you'd like to learn more.   For this card I did a ink blending background first using Mermaid Elements Dye Ink and used a torn piece of paper to blend the hills in Violet Chalk.  I then layered the Lavinia Flora stencil over my sky and sponged more Mermaid ink through.  I was hoping for the illusion of wind.  To that effect, I stamped the Seasonal Tree on the right, then turned it upside down and stamped more branches on the left.  I used Graphite so it wouldn't be as dark as my Hedgehogs.  They are called The Wallace Family and there are three sizes of hedgehogs in the set. 

For my ground cover, I stamped the Foxgloves in Mulberry, the Whimsical Whisps (small) in Bermuda and the Slender Mushrooms (large) in Graphite.  I masked off the dangle and stamped the heart from the Fairy Charms also in Mulberry. 

My next card features quite the unusual color combination, but I must say it is one of my favorites!  Such fun, bright & yet grungy all the same.  :)  I dipped the center of my panel in Lime Punch, then the bottom in Henna and the top in Mulberry.  I was going for a light shining out from the edge of the forest effect.  I added splatters of Mulberry and Henna along the "dirt" portion to give it interest.  I stamped the Slender Mushrooms (large) in Henna.  Then I stamped the tip tops of the flowers in the Flora Set using first and second generation (and my torn paper as a mask) also in Henna.  I stamped my hedgehogs in black to give them more emphasis.  At the very back, where the light shines in, I stamped the Fairy Buttercups in Lime Punch.  I finished by adding Mini Flutter in the center, colored with Russet Orange.  I used a gold gelli roller pen to add some details to the mushrooms and dirt and love the shimmer. 

For the dramatic effect, I stamped the Fairy Bonnets in black and then in Mulberry in the recess.  I watercolored the foreground blooms with Mulberry and added white detail to all. 

For this card I played with the new Woodland Ferns and the Willow stamp.  I tried to create a halo effect of light pouring into the edge of the forest.  I used the Fairy Bugs (dragonflies) as a focal point.  I cut out their wings and added paint dots and Stickles for dimension. 

I made some lightening bugs by using a cotton swab with white Pan Pastls, then added a paint pen dot in the center.  I made the mistake of adding Stickles over the Pan Pastels.  It sort of removes the chalk because it is a wet medium.  I also used the Pan Pastels to make a light effect over the hedgehogs.  Now, this card has an unusual color palette of Pine, Mermaid and Truffle Elements Ink (with highlights of Sundance).  It was almost thrown in the bin, but once I added my paper mats and stepped away from it, I actually liked it a lot (even with the weird halo fireflies!). 

I made one more very simple card.  First I dipped my panel in Confetti Elements ink, then dipped a little extra here and there with Sundance.  I used torn paper to mask and sponge a little hilly ground with  more Confetti ink.  Then I stamped two of the hedgehogs in black.  I turned the Forest Spruce stamp upside down and stamped it as grass along the bottom.  I finished by stamping the Berry Wreath stamps along the top.  

I used my water brush to add more Sundance over my background and liked how it looked like sunny clouds. I really hope these cards have inspired you today!  xx, Autumn




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