Saturday, May 20, 2023

Choose to shine

 Hi MEL PILLING here today with an art journal page, using a 12x12 GEL PRESS to do a reflection.


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I begin by stamping my unicorn in VERSAFINE CLAIR-NOCTURNE onto a GEL PRESS, and then took a print. Then I turned my page around, so the first unicorn was upside down.  Then I stamped using a Stamping platform, leaving a space in between the two images where I would place the ground.  I made an elongated oval mask with copy paper to mask off the moon.  Then I used a BRAYER to ink up the 12 x 12  Gelli plate with ELEMENTS INK in BLUE LAGOON .  I splattered this with small droplets of water using a FAN BRUSH . I then placed the moon mask onto the centre of the plate. Leaving the mask there, I took a print using my stamped unicorn card.  Once dry, using a stencil brush, I brushed the edges of the moon with ELEMENTS INK SUNDANCE.  Then using the Lavinia stencil (Stone) and ,ELEMENTS INK GRAPHITE.         I faintly textured the moon only. (Including the reflection).

I did the land using a paper hill mask the real one first. For this I ran Washi tape at a point between the unicorns to mark the line between land and water.  Then I flipped the mask over, re-applied the Washi tape  and did a fainter version for the reflection.  I used Elements ink for this in MIDNIGHT BLUE and DARK DENIM.

For the trees,  I did the reflection side first.  The same way as the unicorn, directly onto the Gelli plate.  Then the usual style of stamping for the real trees.

I edged the picture with the darker blues, and some dark purple distressing to highlight the centre of the picture

For the water I put streaks of all the blues, using a flat paint brush and added light with white paint in the same manner. The stars were done with the white gel pen. Then I highlighted the unicorn mane with white gel pen, and glitter pen.


The Gelli plates make reflections very easy, and because they turn out a little bit fuzzy and a little bit paler than regular stamping it lends accuracy to the reflection.   There are quite a few methods out there for creating reflections, but I find the Gelli plate to be the easiest and most convincing.  Just my humble opinion.

Thanks for joining me on the blog today. See you soon.

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