Monday, June 1, 2020

Handmade Mark Making Tools for Gel Printing

Hello everyone!  It's Autumn Clark from SewPaperPaint with you today to share a fun tutorial on using your gel plate with "found" items for mark making.  I've been asked to make a video tutorial, and though I'm no videographer, I hope you will find it helpful as you play with your gel plate.  In times like we are facing there is something special about transforming the ordinary into art.  I truly love using stencils with my gel plate and there are many videos that speak to that, but I hope this tutorial will encourage you to use what you have, where you are, the best that you can.  :)  I have used very basic cardstock and old acrylic paints, some that I have had for years.  

Here is a list of the items I used for mark making:
Corks for circles
Images stamped onto Fun Foam and traced with an ink pen
Die cut Fun Foam
Cast off Die Cut Fun Foam
Bottle Caps
Hot Glue designs onto Fun Foam
Poem written onto Fun Foam with ink pen
Hand Cut shapes from Fun Foam glued onto corks 

So here's the printing process video:

And a few collage style cards I made with my prints:

These stamps are by Visible Image (click to shop):


  1. You've got me inspired to get going on my gel press, Autumn. I love the idea of using an old book for your run-offs.

  2. Fabulous video. I also love the idea of using an old book. Brilliant!

  3. They are so beautiful Autumn , thankyou for showing , dear. xoxo


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