Saturday, March 26, 2022

Lavinia Stamps Springtime Bunny Card Trio


Hello friends!  It's Autumn Clark from SewPaperPaint with you today to share some Lavinia Stamps springtime cardmaking inspiration.  I have definitely fallen down the rabbit hole with these stamps and have had such a great time getting inky and making these little scenes.  I hope they will make you smile and encourage you to have a play day of your own.  

For this card, I started by dipping my panel into Della Blue Elements Dye Ink at the top, and Lime Punch at the bottom.  Then I used a torn piece of paper as a mask to sponge my hills.  I stamped my bunnies from the Wild Hares and Forest Hares stamp sets in Versafine Onyx Black.  I added a little shading below the bunnies by lifting some Lime Punch ink with my water brush.  I then stamped the flowers from the Silhouette Foliage Set in Mermaid and Confetti Elements Dye Ink.  I masked off the tops of the flowers and used the same set as grass, stamping again in Lime Punch.  I then added stamped a few stray pieces with the Snow Shrub stamp, also in Lime Punch.

To add further interest in the sky, I embossed the Mystical Swirls stamp in white.  I splashed some watery Lime Punch in the sky and added lots of detail marks with colorful Posca Paint Pens.  Then I cut a strip of cardstock into little pennant banners and sponged them with an array of Elements Dye Inks.  I used a tiny wooden alphabet stamp set to spell out Easter and mounted the banner over a string.  I particularly like how the pink flowers look like eggs in the grass!  Finally, I sponged the top edges and corners with more Della Blue and the bottom with more Lime Punch to frame the panel.  The finished card is 5"x7".  I really hope it makes you smile today!

My next card has the same sort of sky effect with th`at gorgeous Mystic Swirl stamp.  To start, I used a wide flat watercolor brush to brush on juicy streaks of watered down Blue Lagoon Elements Dye Ink.  It's good to try to leave some white in the streaks so it looks more like a cloudy sky.  I stamped Mystic Swirl repeatedly in Blue Lagoon to frame the sky, then added highlights with the white Posca pen. 

For the grass, I dipped the bottom portion of my panel into Pine Elements Ink.  Next, I stamped the Fairy Toadstool and just beneath it's shade stamped one of the bunnies from Midnight Meandering, masking off the other.  I watercolored the mushroom with Paprika then added white Posca pen details.  Next I stamped my wildflowers, using  portions of the Foxglove stamp in Mermaid.  I turned the Forest Spruce stamp upside down and used it as grass, stamped in Pine.   Finally, I embossed a stem from the Foliage Set in white.  It helped break up all of that green.  I continued with more Posca pen details until I was pleased. 

My next card was an attempt at mixing watercolor details with sponged backgrounds.  I watercolored a circle for the son using Sundance Elements Ink.  Then I sponged around it with Della Blue.  From there, I used my brush to pull out the yellow in rays, through the blue sky.  Next, I used torn paper to mask and sponge the greenery with Pine.  I used my water brush to add more yellow highlights in the grasses. 

I stamped the Tree of Wisdom on the right in Henna Elements Ink.  For the wildflowers, I used the Snow Shrub and Foliage Set again.  More masking of the flowers in the Silhouette Foliage set to make just grass.  I stamped the Flying Birds Silhouettes in the sky.  And finally, the star of this card, I stamped the Forest Hares.  I added watercolor shading with Pine and highlights with white Posca.  I really hope these Lavinia stamps have inspired you and you will check out the full collection at Topflight Stamps.  They are such fun to play with!  Hugs, Autumn

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